Thursday, March 26, 2020

Coronavirus Krogering

On Monday, I ordered groceries for pick-up from the Kroger on Main Street in Centerville. I'd never done this before. But a pandemic seemed like a good time to try it.

This afternoon between 1 and 2 PM was the designated time, but I received a notification on the Kroger app that I could arrive as early as noon. I showed up at 12:20, pulled into the designated parking spot, and called a number posted on a pole there.

A young man verified my information and said, "Please open your trunk and stay in your car, Mr. Daniels." I popped my trunk and the young man and a young woman, both gloved, came out with a shopping cart containing my items. The young woman approached my door, six feet distant, to explain that some items couldn't be included in my order and asked if that was OK. Of course, it was.

Shortly thereafter, the young man said, "Mr. Daniels, we're not allowed to close your trunk door. But everything is loaded. Have a good day!"

It was slick and I was impressed!

Kudos to the Centerville Kroger.

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