Friday, October 01, 2004

An Invitation to Use the Comment Button

Several months ago, Site Meter was added to my blog. From it, I have an accurate picture of how many of you are logging onto Better Living and which of the archived articles you're perusing.

As you may know, Site Meter also tells bloggers where the people who are logging onto the site are from, what internet servers and what countries. (I do not receive specific information. I don't know who logs onto the site.) But I've made several observations since Site Meter was installed here in June.

First of all: It may be a byproduct of boredom on American campuses, but an astounding number of the people who log onto Better Living are accessing it from colleges and universities. Almost one-third of my hits are from that source. Colleges represented so far include The Ohio State University, Arizona State University, University of Southern California, Mary Baldwin College, Baldwin Wallace, University of Virginia, and others. I've always been a college-junkie and have long harbored a not-so-secret fantasy of being a college History professor. So, having this cyber-connection to higher education appeals to me!

Secondly: Persons from Finland, Bhutan, France, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Japan, South Africa, and elsewhere have logged onto Better Living. The internet is a truly amazing technology, allowing for more international connectedness than has ever been experienced before. I love that!

But I would like this site to be more of a two-way communication experience. That's the purpose of the "Comment" button you'll find below this and every other post on the site. So, please use it. Use the button to...

Tell me what you like or don't like about the site.

Tell me what you agree or disagree with in a particular post.

Tell me if you've got a question you want me to cover in my continuing "Q-and-A" columns. Is there an aspect of Christian faith that you'd really like me to address?

Tell me about your faith experiences.

Just comment.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. God bless you!


Phyllis said...

I comment...
But I imagine it feels kinda lonely when you know people are reading but not commenting. I have noticed that some of your posts are quite lengthy, and sometimes I don't have the time to read it all. But what I do read I like, and it hits home. I am a Christian and go to "Christ the King" Church. We meet in the Senior Center and sing Praise for 1/2 hour then have a coffee break then listen to the sermon read from the Bible for 1/2 hour.
As you know from reading my post that I am a recovering alcoholic and have been sober for 17 years. I was away from religion for years, but came back to Faith through the AA program. I have a very close relationship with God now and give Him my problems nightly.
I like your site Mark!

Alex said...

I'm one of those that tool through your blog over coffee. I may have commented periodically. What currently fascinates me is whether everything on this planet has a Soul. I know it sounds silly / nutso but the expression of one's Soul to outsiders is only limited to the type of "body" we land in.