Friday, October 01, 2004

Who Do You Aspire to Be?

On her excellent web log, Rachel Cunliffe asks fellow bloggers, "Which blog or blogger do you aspire to be?"

There are some excellent responses. Mine reflects a struggle that I have had all my life, even as a Christian. Maybe you feel the same way. But I also feel that God is freeing me from that struggle.

My response [I know the grammar is rotten, but I hope that won't get in the way of the point]:

While there are blog sites and bloggers that I admire and from which I can learn, I don’t aspire to have my blog or for me to be like anybody else.

I have spent too much of my life trying to act like others, thinking subconsciously that if I aped them, I would attain their “success.” The only real success that we can have in life is when we surrender ourselves to Christ and let him make us into the best versions of ourselves possible.

“Now,” some saint has said, “by the grace of God, I will become myself.”

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