Saturday, October 02, 2004

Three Bloggers to Check Out

If you check mine and several other blog sites, you're likely to conclude that we've got a mutual admiration society going. Speaking for me, while I have never met the bloggers some of whose recent posts I'm recommending, I can say that I do admire them for their clarity of thought, humility, and above all, depth of faith.

Check out Craig Williams' recent post on C.S. Lewis' helpful critique on the use of myth in democratic politics. Parties and polticians in democracies appeal to our egos and our self-interest. As they do so, they employ the mythology of the inevitability of human progress. This totally overlooks the evidence of human history or the witness of the Bible that apart from heeding Christ's call to repentance (that is, turning away from sin and turning to God), we are in a heap of trouble. The mythologies of democratic politics tend to turn us away from God, often by deceiving us with the notion that there is a particular holy anointing of our preferred philosophy. It's dangerous stuff because it deludes us into worshiping at the altar of counterfeit gods and losing sight of the real God of the universe.

Mark Sides critques American consumerism from the standpoint of the Biblical witness. He deals with the questions he raises there in a later post. But I can tell you that he has challenged me to think and write about how we defeat this monster that threatens our souls. Great!

Mark D. Roberts continues to write great things on the inclusivity and exclusivity of Jesus. He has such a knack for expressing complicate, important topics with simplicity and memorable clarity!

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