Saturday, June 25, 2005

He Didn't Have Me at Hello

I've seen portions of a grand total of four Tom Cruise films--Rain Man, Top Gun, Jerry MacGuire, and one of those John Grisham things. So, he isn't one of those celebs to whom I would turn for medical advice anyway. (Actually, there aren't any celebrities to whom I'd turn for medical advice, except maybe for Tennessee senator Bill Frist, to whom I probably wouldn't turn for political advice.)

But in seeing the clip of him with Matt Lauer in a Today Show interview, my family and I felt no motivation to buy tickets for War of the Worlds, his newest movie. We all groaned.

The guy, who seems to be in the business of rapidly collecting as many starlets as possible for his trophy case, probably could use a good regimen of Ritalin. Maybe it would calm him down.

What's amazing is that he didn't even intone, "I'm not a doctor, but..." (Has he ever played a doctor in the movies?) I can honestly say, "He didn't have me at hello."

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