Monday, June 20, 2005

A Picture That Doesn't Inspire Confidence

Our church subscribes to a fabulous service, offered by Prince of Peace Lutheran Church of Burnsville, Minnesota, called The Changing Church Toolkit. They provide inspiration for the development of thematic worship and small group materials that can be used in individual congregations. Lately, they've changed their web site. When you first click on it, you see this. Clearly, the intent is to tell the leaders of even small congregations that with their service, they have a crack staff working for them. That's true. But why are four people, presumably part of that crack staff, earnestly discussing the contents of a blank piece of newsprint on an easel?

(By the way, I really do strongly recommend that congregations subscribe to this service. It will prod and prompt creativity and provide many suggested means of conveying Biblical themes in accessible ways.)

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