Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Welcome, Hugh Hewitt Readers

Today, author, law prof, radio host, and blogger Hugh Hewitt began linking to this site under the "Godblogging" heading of his blog roll. Thanks to Hugh and welcome to all who are visiting Better Living for the first time because of the link.

Better Living is a "Godblog." But I hope that it's a place where non-Christians and Christians can come and find fair-minded reflections on life, current events, music, and any other things that strike me as interesting.

My interest in history and politics goes all the way back to when I was a five year old. Over the past forty-six years, my life has included stints as a congressional campaign manager, chair of a levy renewal campaign for our local school district, and a candidacy for the Ohio House of Representatives.

For twenty-one years, I've been a pastor. That began after receiving my Master's degree in Divinity from Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Columbus. (My undergraduate degree comes from The Ohio State University.) For six years, I served as pastor of a congregation in rural northwestern Ohio. For the past fifteen years, I've been pastor of a congregation I was called to start here in the Cincinnati area.

Currently on Better Living, I'm writing two different blog series. One is called Random Stuff from Our Study of Genesis, summarizing important points from a Bible study I'm conducting at the congregation I serve as pastor. The other is called Getting to Know Jesus One Chapter at a Time. If you explore the archives, you'll find several other series as well.

Enjoy the blog and feel free to make use of the comments feature to give your feedback, insights, and additional thoughts.

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