Friday, November 11, 2005

Paris Riots: My Greatest Hits of the Past Two Weeks

The Paris Riots have "inspired" several posts on this site. Here are a few of those I think deal with issues of lasting importance for the future:

A Christian Perspective of the Paris Riots
Is Paris Burning?
The Republic is At a Moment of Truth
Steyn Says That Riots Begin Eurabian Civil War

I'm glad that the riots have died down in Paris and appear to be diminishing throughout France. But they imply much about the future of Europe and the global war on terrorism, as well as the ongoing need of the Western democracies to assimilate immigrants and win the allegiance of those from other cultures.

One of the great questions is whether the appeal of Islamofascism, which eschews playing any role other than dictating its version of domineering fundamentalism to every nation, can be diminished among young Muslims.

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