Saturday, November 12, 2005

Peter Drucker, Giant of Twentieth Century Thinkers, Has Died

Management guru Peter Drucker has died.

I first became acquainted with Drucker when I found a copy of his book, The Effective Executive, among the volumes left by deceased pastors to our seminary library which were not catalogued in the collection. It was one of the best freebies in my personal library!

Drucker is one of the giants of the past century, a thinker whose discussions of management bounded well-beyond the stuffy confines of economics or cost-benefit analysis. He made it possible for even preachers to understand leadership. He had a good deal to teach those who would lead countries, too, or anybody of an inquisitive nature.

The Claremont Institute has the transcript of a 1984 interview with this fascinating man, a committed Christian.

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