Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Paris Riots: They May Not Be Assimilated Into France, But Have the Rioters Assimilated France?

Polysigh says:
Most commentators see the recent riots in Paris (and, it now seems, throughout much of the rest of the country) as evidence of France's failure to assimilate immigrants into the body politic. But perhaps it is just the opposite, that the riots, in fact, signify that these immigrants have assimilated French culture and politics. I don't mean to be flip, but to a great extent and perhaps more than any developed nation, the history of France has been written in the streets.
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brad said...

I have written on a very similar subject. These communities are the by product of subsidized housing projects with no supporting French economy to assimilate these immigrants economicly. In other words, the french welfare state created a type of urban reservation.

Mark Daniels said...

Very well put!