Sunday, January 07, 2007

Graham and Biden Show How "Respectfully Disagreeing" Works

I just caught Tim Russert's joint interview of Senator Joe Biden (D-Delaware) and Senator Lindsay Graham (R-South Carolina) from today's Meet the Press.

The two have dramatically different views of what should happen with the War in Iraq. But as firmly and as passionately as they expressed those views, they were respectful of one another. They even allowed the other to espouse more nuanced opinionss without insisting that their opponent remain in stereotyped partisan boxes.

These are the kinds of respectful, illuminating debates that can happen when people are committed to making our political discourse more than the clash of insubstantial sound bites. Both senators are to be commended, as is Tim Russert for allowing each of them to have their says.

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Anonymous said...

I watched part of their Meet the Press joint appearance. Indeed, it was a fine example of civility, and I respect them both for it.

Also, after watching it, it made me take seriously for the first time the idea of Joe Biden as a 2008 presidential candidate. There is no member of the Senate more experienced or conversant in foreign affairs.