Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's About Relationship, Not Religion (From the Pastor's Cutting Room Floor)

It’s easy to give large sums of money to the cause of God when you’re flush with cash. It takes trust to give to God when your stomach’s growling.

It’s easy to take the time to pray when time weighs heavily on our hands. It requires a Holy Spirit-inspired decision to take a break from the rat race of our busy days in order to offer God prayer, praise, and thanksgiving.

You see, God doesn’t want us to be religious; He wants to have a relationship with each one of us.

The crucified and risen Jesus, God in the flesh, grants us a relationship with God as a free gift when we turn away from sin and take His outstretched hand of grace and forgiveness.

But, here's the thing: We can't grab hold of that free gift if we insist on holding onto things that fill our agendas, fill our pockets, fill our cravings, fill our emotions or our senses, but can never fill our souls. Only Christ can do that.

Let Him.

See Mark12:41-44.

Here's a great tune by Benny Hester from the mid-1980s, To Fill Our Empty Hearts. Hester went on to work as a composer for numerous television shows in network TV. His current web site is here.

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