Friday, November 16, 2012

Mystery Solved: Olive Oyl Has Been Found!

Olive Oyl, erstwhile girlfriend of Popeye the Sailor Man, has been missing for decades.

But, after yesterday's announcement that Xi Jinping would become the new leader of Communist China, the mystery was solved after television viewers around the world saw video clips of performances by Xi's wife, Chinese folk singer, Peng Liyuan.

"Despite efforts to conceal her identity," remarked longtime Olive Oyl fan Vince Green, a spinach wholesaler from Hoboken, New Jersey, "that voice is unmistakable! Peng is Olive alright!"

Decide for yourself. Take a look at the clips below and tell me if it isn't obvious that Olive Oyl, that seeming All American girl, defected some time ago.

First, Olive Oyl:

And now, Peng Liyuan (her solo starts at about the 1:12 mark):


UPDATE, November 17: I mentioned this "rumor" over on The Moderate Voice:
By the way, in a separate development, Peng, a Chinese folk singer, has announced that she will soon be recording cover versions of American folk favorites. Among those slated for the collection are: The Times, They’re Never Changing, Wanna Work on Mao’s Farm Some More, and This Land is My Land, This Land is My Land.

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