Thursday, January 14, 2021

Putting Politics In Its Place

I love this, posted on Twitter earlier today. It puts things in perspective, I think.

Politics is, at best, a penultimate concern for a human race confronted by sin, death, and the devil, the evil  in us, around us, and from the Evil One.

What we all need more than anything is to hear God's Law and God's Gospel: the Law that convicts of sin that would condemn us to eternal hell and separation from God; the Gospel that, out of His love for us, God the Father sent God the Son, Jesus, to offer His sinless life on the cross, taking the punishment for sin we deserve, and to be raised to life so that all who repent and believe (or trust) in Him have the forgiveness of their sins and life with God that never ends.

Nothing else matters so much. Nothing.

And that's why I too, can say that I have never had a conversation with a person on their deathbed, even a person who always had strong political views, who wanted to talk about politics in those moments.

They wanted peace.

They wanted assurance.

They wanted to be right with God.

They wanted Jesus.

That's what the Church and pastors are called and privileged to give them: Jesus and Jesus alone!

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