Sunday, January 02, 2005

About US Private Donations to Tsunami Relief

Adrian Warnock points out that tsunami-relief donations from the British public have now exceeded the initial pledged aid from the British government. He wonders if such is the case in the US by now. A Google search has led me to believe that has happened.

So far as I can find, there are no totals from all private relief agencies in the States. But the magnitude of the private contributions that are known is pretty huge. Toledo Blade columnist Jack Kelly says that as of last Wednesday, contributions to seven US relief agencies totaled more than $34-million.

This article from the International Herald Tribune gives some totals for private giving around the world that are quite interesting.


sidesspot said...

I believe that the commitment of the US government is now at $350 million. However, although useful to see the generosity of the US and British public, I'm not sure the dichotomy is warranted. The US government is us. Thus, we Americans have given $385 or more million.

Anonymous said...

The initial US offer was $15 million.


sidesspot said...

And the early death toll was 15,000, which is tragic and huge. However, this has been an unfolding story, and the US commitment has gone up and up. Not sure of the relevance of mentioning the initial $15 million offer, other than to try to make some mindlessly partisan political point.