Monday, January 03, 2005

Not Just Meager Thoughts on the Tsunamis from Mark Sides

He calls them "a few meager additional thoughts," but Mark Sides' reflections on the recent tsunami tragedies are not meager. He discusses the statement on the tragedies by the Archbishop of Canterbury, a statement of which I had previously read an inadequate summary. He also makes suggestions about how to respond the Indian Ocean disaster.

Mark has a wonderful web site. This is a devoted family man and lawyer striving, humbly, to reflect Christ's light in the world.

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sidesspot said...

Well, I must say I'm humbled. I don't quite deserve what you said but I can't deny that I'm grateful you said it. We are all of us trying to do God's work in our own way. Together, our little bits, with God's help, becomes much.