Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Lots of People Could Imitate Sandra Bullock

Big time hurrahs for Sandra Bullock, who has donated $1-million to the Red Cross for tsunami relief!

There are probably at least a thousand Hollywood figures--actors, producers, agents, executives, key grips (okay, scrub key grips from that list)--who could make similar donations. I expect that the Hollywood-connected Bill Clinton will be hitting Tinseltown up pretty big in his new role of co-chairing the raising of private donations for relief efforts.

I also expect that his opposite number, George H. W. Bush, will be working his friends in the energy and Blueblood worlds.

One can further expect that both former Presidents will work hard to get other major donors to their respective parties' to pony up, along with corporations and foundations.

When added to the private donations of Americans as well as the contributions of the government, American support for tsunami relief efforts could be enormous. I hope that it will be.

Here are four reputable organizations to which you can send your donations (even those less than a million dollars can be a huge help):

Lutheran World Relief
American Red Cross
Catholic Relief Services
World Vision

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Chuck said...

Take a look at THE STINGY LIST


PDF file at my blog. $236 million donated by Americans and counting