Thursday, June 09, 2005

Government Report Underscores Chinese Government's Threat to Peace, Security

On May 23, I blogged about the menacing Chinese government (again) and concluded with this statement:
Containing the Chinese regime must be the highest foreign policy priority of the US government because it is the greatest threat to the US and the world, both economically and militarily.
I may be a blind squirrel. But I found a nut on this one.

Today's Washington Times says that a government report shows that the US intelligence community has repeatedly missed or ignored signs of the Chinese government's aggressive and menacing military build-up.

This is alarming, to say the least. If a preacher in Cincinnati understands that the Chinese government is the major threat to American peace and security today, how is it that our intelligence community missed it?

Among the most haunting passages in the Washington Times article:
"This report conceals the efforts of dissenting analysts [in the intelligence community] who argued that China was a threat," one official said, adding that covering up the failure of intelligence analysts on China would prevent a major reorganization of the system.

A former U.S. official said the report should help expose a "self-selected group" of specialists who fooled the U.S. government on China for 10 years.

"This group's desire to have good relations with China has prevented them from highlighting how little they know and suppressing occasional evidence that China views the United States as its main enemy."


Deborah White said...

I'm always wary of the Bush family's mixed feelings about China. It's an amazing coincidence, at best, the economic and other advantages that have accrued to China during the tenures of both Bush I and II. Geroge the elder, of course, was US Ambassador to China for a while, and thoroughly enjoyed his sojourn there. I have no idea the meaning of it merely observing the relationship between China and the Bush dynasty.

Mark Daniels said...

Whatever the motivations, I think it's safe to say that every President since Nixon has turned a largely blind eye to the multitudinous threats posed by the Chinese government.

Today, it supports the regime in North Korea, cozies up to terrorist nations and groups, expands its military beyond necessity, menaces Taiwan, persecutes the Church and other religious believers, and is slowly getting the US economy by the throat.

Is it possible to say that the Cold War is truly over? As long as the government in China hasn't given up on it, how can we in the US?