Sunday, December 10, 2006

Helping Wounded Veterans and The Families of Those Killed in Action

Hugh Hewitt had a post on his blog back on December 1, which at a very busy time, I failed to mention here previously.

There, Hugh suggested that during this Christmas season, churches might be interested in taking offerings for organizations that care for wounded US military personnel and the families of personnel killed in action.

No matter what one's position on the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan, our veterans and their families need our support, help, and appreciation. That should be an utterly non-partisan issue. And we Christians should be particularly attuned to the suffering, struggle, and sacrifice endured by others, not least of which should be these military families!

Of course, Christmas isn't the only day when Christians are called to care for others. So, whether our financial support comes through our congregations or simply from us as individuals, support for these organizations is one way to express love for others all through the year.

For more details, go to Hugh's original post.

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