Monday, December 11, 2006

A Slice of Life Over Cocoa

Yesterday, eight young people from our congregation joined my son, Phil, and me to go Christmas caroling at a nearby nursing home. Below is one of four videos that Phil took during the post-Caroling cocoa time. Only three of the kids remained for that. The video is nothing more than a slice of life, especially a slice of the life of our congregation, Friendship Lutheran Church. But I thought you might enjoy it.

The residents really appreciated our bringing some Christmas cheer to them. We sang about fifteen different Christmas hymns, including Silent Night and O Little Town of Bethlehem. (We also sang Deck the Hall and We Wish You a Merry Christmas.)

Below is a video that Phil took during the after-Caroling Cocoa time. Only a few of the carolers remained.

A few words of explanation about the video:

1. The references to the left and right wings is to two hallways on the first floor of the nursing home. The left wing is where rehabilitation patients live. The right wing is where Alzheimer patients live. We were told not to venture down the left wing because residents there were recovering from bad colds and flus. No politics going on here.

2. Kassadi's nickname is Bob, given to her by a member of our church, back when Kassadi was first walking and talking. Her response at the time was, "I not Bob," which is pretty much what she said yesterday over cocoa. (Today, little Michael K. calls her that!)

3. Michael insists that he can't sing, even though yesterday I could hear that wasn't true.

4. Be sure to watch for the moment at which Nancy and daughter Devon stuff marshmallows in their mouths to flash what might be described as "Michelin smiles."

5. I don't know why videos on YouTube, where this video is "parked" are slightly out of sync. But they're all that way these days, it seems.

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